The Company : Valentus

Location : Sparks, NV

Cost : SlimRoast Coffee $59.95 (for 24 servings or $2.50 per serving) Volume discounts available to reduce cost per box.

Effectiveness : High. Over 90% of customers get results from this product.

Welcome to RichardStreetMarketing.co.uk. I am Richard Street and this is my website about the Journey that I am having with Valentus SlimRoast Coffee and the team that I have joined.

When you pay $20 activation fee you are eligible in making commissions. With your $20 , you’ll have your own website. You can sell Valentus through your website. Every time someone buys from your website, you get paid automatically . Take note, commissions are paid 2 weeks behind. 1 box you sold from your website, you get paid $20 in commission , 3 boxes sold , $40, 6 boxes sold , $60 & 16 boxes sold ,$100.

There are some great Ways to get paid in Valentus.

Retail. That’s when you buy either 3,6 or 16 boxes of our products & sell it individually. With 16 boxes , your capital is $499, possible profit is up to $400.

Legacy Coded Bonus. We are business builders here. We want to make $100 instead of $20.. We buy the 16 boxes.

When you first Sponsored 3 Business Builders / Ruby.. ( those who buy 16 boxes) you get paid $100 each. Total commission is $300. Starting on your 4th Recruit to Infinity it is called Coded Legacy Bonus. You get another $100. Your total commission per Ruby that you recruited will be $200

Get your first 3 Business Builders as fast as you can. Then you will enjoy $200 commission per business Builder recruit you will have.

Dual Team Commission. We have a Binary system . Left & Right leg. You have a strong leg & a lesser leg. Go to your Genealogy to check your points & to identify which leg is strong & which one is weak. You can set your Rotator to whichever leg you want to put points on.

Dual Team Matching Bonus. As you build your team, you get paid more. This is our Residual Income comes to play. On your first level, you get 25% of their total Binary commission. 2nd Level, 20% from their total Binary commission , 3rd Level, 15% from their total Binary commission, 4th Level, 10%, 5th Level, 5%, 6th Level, 2% & 7th Level, 1%.

1% Global Volume Shared Enrollment Pool. When you reach to Crown Ambassador, you will enjoy a 1% Global Volume Shared Enrollment Pool. To get to Crown Ambassadors, we need to be promoted to Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Blue Diamond, Black Diamond. Aim high & work for it. There’s no escalator to the Top.

Car Bonus. When you become a Diamond, you are entitled for a car allowance. Diamond rank gets $400 monthly car allowance, Double Diamond gets $800, Triple Diamond gets $1200. Up to $3,000 monthly car allowance.

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